Pizza Robot Rush was a college project in which I tasked myself with developing characters and environments for a fictional game, then programming and animating a short demo to show how they could fit together.  It was exhibited at MICA's commencement show, as well as Gamescape 2014 in Baltimore a few months later.

Click HERE to the Gamescape 2014 Demo of Pizza Robot Rush.  Game currently playable on Windows operating systems only.

-Press Alt+Enter to toggle full-screen
-Press Space Bar to jump
-Press Left and Right arrow keys to move
-Press Ctrl key to dash, this move functions differently for all characters
-Press Up or Down to climb ropes,  Jump from them to dismount
-AS A-EYE: Press Space Bar while in the air up to two times for additional jumps using A-EYE's copter blades.
-AS D-NO: Press Shift key to fire energy blasts.  Can be fired on the ground or in the air, but will stop you from running.

NOTE: This represents an incomplete game in-development.  May include visuals, game mechanics, or bugs that are not representative of a final product.